Casing, tubing or completion equipment in the wellbore may fail or deteriorate over the life of the well.  This may occur due to corrosion, a leaking tubular connection, or sliding sleeve failure. The MetalPatch system allows the failed area to be sealed with minimal loss of inner diameter, and providing high burst and collapse pressures. Installation is performed in one trip, with no shoe to drillout.

The MetalPatch product is designed for deployment on jointed drill pipe or coiled tubing. The patch can cover an area ranging from 30′ to 5,000′ in length. The MetalPatch may also be deployed through nipples or restrictions in the upper bore.

The patch is set in 5 steps:

  • Make up the tool, expandable casing, work string, and RIH.

  • Initiate hydraulic expansion to set the lower seals.

  • Expand casing by pulling the work string.

  • Set upper seal by applying hydraulic pressure.

  • Pull out of hole.

The  MetalPatch  provides  an  elastomer  seal  between  the  parent  casing  and  the expanded casing patch.

The MetalPatch can be used in the following applications:

Production Improvement

  • Perforation shut off

  • Wellbore reduction for improved flow rate / ESP

Casing Integrity Issues

  • Connection / collar leaks

  • Parted casing

  • Casing corrosion

  • Casing wear

Completion Failures

  • Leaking sliding sleeve

  • Leaking frac valve

Metal-to-Metal Seal

All metal-to-metal design, which includes the upper and lower seals against the parent casing and each expandable casing connection.


Compliant expansion design allows sealing throughout maximum and minimum API tolerances against the parent casing.

Premium Dopefree Connection

Dopefree connection for “Rig Ready” makeup. Designed for environmental sensitivity and more efficient operations.

High Temperature

Metal-to-metal seal design and specific material selection provide temperature rating of 500° F.

No Drillout Required

Efficient operations and no debris left in the well.

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