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At Mohawk Energy, we strive to do things better, to work more intelligently and more conscientiously to deliver superior products and service to our customer base. With leading comes accountability; that’s why we go beyond what’s expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to our customers, to ensure the safety of our employees, and to treat our communities with the highest degree of integrity.

We are committed to:
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    Safety | Mohawk Energy follows international recognized safety principles in all that we do. By following strict guidelines & continuously improving, we are able to keep our customers’ operations moving forward.

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    Partnership | Mohawk Energy is not simply the company you hire or the product you purchase, we are your trusted partner in expansion technology solutions. We take a customer-centric approach to developing & installing the products you need to improve your downhole operations.

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    Accountability | The Mohawk Energy team takes responsibility for all of our actions. If our products & services do not meet customer expectations, we will do everything in our power to make it right.

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    Quality | At Mohawk Energy, we know that quality is key to success when developing new technology. We are committed to high quality engineering, manufacturing, and delivery for each of our products. We have designed a Quality Management System that enables us to exceed customer requirements & drives 100% customer satisfaction.

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    Respect | We have the utmost respect for our partners, our communities, and our environment. We value representing ourselves as model citizens in the global community and we do our part to lead environmentally conscious practices. We work to support the needs and interests in the communities where we work.

Why Choose Mohawk Energy

With an extensive background in research and development, Mohawk Energy is uniquely qualified to develop, manufacture, and install tubular expansion technologies that solve energy producers’ most critical downhole challenges. We take a customer-centric approach to ensure safe, reliable operations so that energy producers can focus on what matters most - maintaining well integrity. At Mohawk Energy, we offer more than a one-size-fits-all solution. Each expansion product is customized for a specific application or challenge. Our team is nimble; we can deploy and install our expansion systems around the globe quickly and efficiently.

Our Products

At Mohawk Energy, hard work has gotten us where we are today; and we’re proud of that. Browse our library of case studies, technical information, and published papers and you will agree.

Well Integrity »

Well Integrity, as defined by NORSOK D-010 is the “Application of technical, operational and organizational solutions to reduce risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids throughout the life cycle of a well.” At Mohawk Energy our well integrity is centered around accountability, unified operating systems, responsibility, tubing integrity, testing of safety systems and effective well service processes.


During the fracing process, high temperature and pressures differentials are applied to the wellbore. This can lead to failures in the completion, such as parted casing collars or frac sleeves stuck open. The FracPatch system allows the failed area to be clad and sealed with minimal loss of inner diameter. This can be completed in plug & perf or packer & sleeve completions. After setting the patch, the operator can pass through with a plug & perf and frac the wellbore below.

The FracPatch product is designed for deployment on jointed pipe. The patch can cover an area ranging from 30’ to over 5,000’ in length. The FracPatch may also be deployed through or straddle ID restrictions in the upper bore.


One Patch | Mohawk Energy

Mohawk’s OnePatch is a simple, cost-effective solution to mechanically isolate various wellbore integrity issues. OnePatch’s compact design and simple operation allows repairs to be made very quickly, reducing nonproductive time. The OnePatch is constructed from a thick wall tubular designed to bring robustness to the patch for subsequent trips inhole for future operations. High-pressure ratings are achieved without any additional support from the mother casing. Required integrity is provided by premium elastomer seals at the top and bottom of the OnePatch. The OnePatch is delivered “rig ready” and only requires making up one connection prior to running in the hole.

Wellbore Recompletion »


ReFrac Patch | Mohawk Energy

When production from hydraulically fractured oil and gas wells begins to decline, re-fracturing these wells can offer significant increases in production without the expense of drilling a new well.

Re-stimulating existing perforations can restore lost conductivity from proppant crushing, fines plugging, or poor initial frac designs. Mohawk’s expandable ReFrac Patch gives the operators 100% mechanical isolation in the lateral that allows either the old existing perforations or newly created perforations to be stimulated.

Both conventional cemented liners and un-cemented frac sleeve style completions are compatible with Mohawk’s ReFracPatch.

ThruPatch TAC

ThruPatch TAC | Mohawk Energy

The ThruPatch TAC is designed to go through casing patches and come out and set in the original casing below, allowing for standard rod operations after the patch is set.

• Reduced OD for tight spots and casing patches
• Easy Set – Rotate left to set, right to release
• Emergency Release – Straight pull shear release for extreme well conditions
• Corrosion resistant stainless steel drag springs.

Open Hole »

Maxwell Liner

The MaxWell™ Liner provides the option of adding a casing string in cased hole or open hole environments in either planned or contingency scenarios with minimum loss of wellbore diameter. The MaxWell Liner is a bottom-up expansion system which uses hydraulic pressure to pump the expansion cone from the bottom of the liner to the top. The system also allows for cement to be pumped through the drill pipe, allowing for zonal isolation across the drilled section. The MaxWell Liner system is deployed on drill pipe inside casing sizes ranging from 4-1/2 in. to 13-3/8 in. Up to 4,000 feet of liner can be run; longer liners available upon special request.

Openhole Monoclad

Openhole Monoclad | Mohawk Energy

OpenHole Clad (OHC) utilizes a self-contained running tool which uses pistons to convert hydraulic pressure into mechanical force for tubular expansion. The OHC system is capable of radially expanding tubulars up to 30% in a wellbore of up to 45° per 100’ deviation. After expansion the ID of the tubular is the same as the mother casing and any subsequent clads set below. This gives the driller a tool in his kit to cross multiple wellbore issues without losing wellbore diameter.

OHC was originally developed as an enabling technology for re-entry drilling of sidetracked wells, where unstable formations prevented the drilling of the horizontal section. The expanded tubular provides mechanical stability for the wellbore, allowing the operator to continue drilling into the reservoir.

Mohawk’s OHC is a fully integrated system, which includes the expansion tool, jointed pipe, connectors, external seals, and anchors.


Our Latest News

At Mohawk Energy, hard work has gotten us where we are today; and we’re proud of that. Browse our library of case studies, technical information, and published papers and you will agree.

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