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Expandable Tubular Technology | Mohawk Energy

Mohawk Energy is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and installation of solid expandable tubular products that provide real value for E&P companies.  Mohawk’s unique technology allows operators to minimize or, in some cases, eliminate borehole tapering issues by down-hole radial expansion of tubulars

Expansion Systems – Metal Patch | Frac Patch

Mohawk Energy’s expansion systems are built to repair problems immediately and return a fracturing program back to its normal production schedule.  Whether you are in need of a repair, or upgrade of your fracking system we have the high quality resources available to assist you in making your fracking more efficient. Our technology allows workers to minimize and also in some cases to eliminate borehole tapering issues by down-hole radial expansion of tubulars.

Our experience has led us to yielding high-quality material that will increase the burst and collapse rating of our repairing solutions.  In doing so we are able to offer the highest quality Metal Patch, Frac Patch, ReFrac Patch and more.  Our repair systems will raise performance levels in order to ensure the performance of your systems and restore performance to a high quality level.